LATEST WORLD VIDEOS: Playboy's ' Yoga with Sara Jean Underwood - Full Video

Monday, October 25, 2010

Playboy's ' Yoga with Sara Jean Underwood - Full Video

Playboy's 'Erotic Nude Yoga' Playboy Yoga video has angered the millions of Hindus around the globe. Many Hindu religious leaders and Yoga gurus were furious on Playboy for misusing the ancient Indian Yoga.

Playboy Yoga video is causing a lot of stir in the Indian society. The traditional Hindus were upset and angry with what they see in this video.

On the other hand, the liberal people, especially the youths are crazy over Sara Jean Yoga video.

The Hindu leaders and other religious gurus are calling this Playboy Yoga video as misuse of their ancient culture for mercantile greed!

But the demand for this video is pretty high among the Indian youths, as millions of them are storming on to the Playboy official website to have a look at Sara Jean performing ‘racy’ Yoga postures!

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